From the Director

Eliana Head ShotTalmud Torah is excited to be offering a more dynamic curriculum based on modern Jewish values, traditions, and Hebrew language. Using a theme based cross curricular approach we will provide meaningful Jewish education to our students.

The program will run Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoons and students will have the option to attend one, two or three days. We have hired a great team of educators to help make our educational goals at Talmud Torah a reality. One of the primary goals of our program is for students to feel that they have a voice so that they emerge with critical thinking skills and an ability to challenge the status quo, shape their environments, and make the world around them better. We are a community based school with no affiliation to any one synagogue. Our only affiliation is to the Jewish community as a whole. At Talmud Torah it is imperative that all children and their families feel welcome regardless of their background, affiliation, or how often they engage in Jewish activities.

Our goal is not only to connect our students with Jewish tradition, but to encourage them to be part of the dialogue that defines modern Judaism. At Talmud Torah we are committed to developing a meaningful program for our next generation that is relevant and engaging to Jewish children today and that will help them develop into the involved and educated Jewish adults of tomorrow.

Eliana Mandel-Carsen