Ottawa Talmud Torah Curriculum
At Ottawa Talmud Torah we are committed to providing students with a meaningful and engaging program. Our academic standards are to be second to none. We have created a more dynamic curriculum based on modern Jewish values. One of our main goals is for students to have a voice during the program so that they emerge with critical thinking skills and an ability to challenge the status quo, shape their environments, and make the world around them better.

Curricular Approach
Ottawa Talmud Torah uses a cross curricular theme based approach to its lesson planning. This means that each month there will be a school wide theme that will carry through the Hebrew language lesson, Jewish Values, Traditions etc. Such an approach helps to create more continuity in the lessons which is important especially since the students will only be attending school one or two afternoons a week.

Weekly Break Down
Talmud Torah offers the option for students to attend either one or two days a week. We have divided up the lessons so that on Tuesdays the students will study Hebrew. This begins with the introduction of the Aleph Bet and then progresses into conversational Hebrew, reading and writing. On Sundays the students will be learning about Jewish values, traditions, community and holidays. For the students in grades 6 and 7, a bar and bat mitzvah program will be offered on Sundays as well. During this program the students will have to opportunity to participate in a leadership program with Rabbi Scher and learn trope (how to read from the Torah) from someone with a lot of experience.

For any further information, please contact the school office or our Director, Eliana Mandel-Carsen. All contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.